Netrooms: The Long Feedback is a participative network piece which invites the public to contribute to an extended feedback loop and delay line across the internet. The work explores the juxtaposition of multiple spaces as the acoustic, the social and the personal environment becomes permanently networked. The performance consists of live manipulation of multiple real-time streams from different locations which receive a common sound source. Netrooms celebrates the private acoustic environment as defined by the space between one audio input (microphone) and output (loudspeaker). The performance of the piece consists of live mixing a feedback loop with the signals from each stream.

This site collates information about the piece, various documentary recordings and rehearsal and performance posts used in public presentations of the piece.

Performances of Netrooms include

November 2011
Melbourne Recital Hall, Australia

September 2011
Digital Resources in the Humanities and the Arts
Ningbo, China

January 2010
Happening Festival, Calgary

December 2010
Music in the Global Village, Budapest

October 2010
Linz, Ars Electronica Centre

August 2009
DRHA Belfast
ISEA Belfast

2nd April 2008 Berkeley, California
CNMAT, University of California Berkeley

4th April 2008 Stanford, California
CCRMA, Stanford University

11th December 2008 Belfast, UK
SARC, Queen’s University Belfast

3rd March 2009
Aix en Provence, France
École Supérieure d’Art d’Aix-en-Provence

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